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Whipple sweets by HienFan
Whipple sweets
Some sweets I made with air dry clay, whipple cream and some beads for decouration
From left to right- Strawberry mousse, strawberry millefeuille, chocolate millefeuille, strawberry cake
I should mention I might not be around the internet from May 16-23 since I'll be on a trip to Japan I'll add another post when I return
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I was wanting to see more teenage pregnancy work to see about child raising as a teenager, I was trying a lot of social drama so...

Now I know that a lot of people out there believe it glamourizes teen pregnancy but I thought otherwise, yet I didn't like this show

Let's start with the basic premise though

Most of these start with the girls having had unprotected sex(it's mentioned outside the show for the individual girls for the most part that they did not use contraception) with someone(usually their boyfriends) and then find out they're pregnant and it skips to around the point the pregnancy will show up, these girls will often continue their very physically active activities like softball, swimming and gymnastic for whatever reason even though they should know it's dangerous during pregnancy while they try to figure out what to do together with the father of their child

Then the girl and the boy/man will get into a conflict with each other and once the baby is born the girl will struggle to try to deal with the baby and continue their studies while a great deal of meat is the conflicting relationship with the girl and the boy/man(but usually the former) and they either live the rest of their lives in a rocky relationship or they split up and the girl gets upset and has this message of 'I love my son/daughter more than anything else but it's so hard to be a mother so soon.'

Now the biggest flaw of this show is how much stuff the mothers do that might be questionable(I'd say something about the dads but it's pretty obvious most are jackasses and my word for men is- Don't treat people like that, no one will like you and you WILL be in trouble someday if this world isn't mostly of man should be assholes lovers)  the girls would often do something that has a high chance of miscarriage as I said on the summary and almost NONE of them were told to stop, then there's the lack of mention of contraception in the show aside from a few eps where the girls think it must be candy or it will make them fat, while I'm glad they never had a happy ending it should be mention the show often goes out of it's way to make it look as miserable as possible with the parents being very self centered and selfish, I said a lot about the dads but the moms would seldom consider breast feeding but if they do they will give up after one try because they think it feels weird for themselves nevermind it could be healthier for their baby and it's free compared to expensive formula but no they are more concerned about how THEY feel makes me wonder how much do they actually want the best for their baby. The show also rarely shows how the mother is raising her baby instead preferring to focus on her relationship with the father of her child which is very sad since childhood raising is actually the hardest part of motherhood or even show some good with it(but I guess it might look too 'cute') but nooooo they had to show stereotypical melodrama we can see anywhere

Overall this show is not a good way to show teenage pregnancy and is very insulting to viewers intelligence, my final score is 1/10, I'd suggest Akkan baby for a more throughout example of this issue even if it can get very goofy they had quite a good amount of info about how hard it is without turning the whole thing into a 200% effect of hopeless sadness
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Colette by HienFan
And so I decided to draw the heroine of a little known Otome game called Riddle Garden, she's a sheltered aristocrat who has to get married and leave her mansion before she gets murdered
Jigopuri fanart by HienFan
Jigopuri fanart
So I found out a manga done by the creator of Genshiken(a famous manga about otaku, the anime had some of the voice actors of Pokemon/Gravitation voicing the characters) it's about an 18 year old widow looking after her recently born daughter with her younger twin sister, the art was weird though, cutesy moe women with a baby that looks disturbingly realistic


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